Transfer Drum/Bass Custom Patterns from MRS-1266 to MRS-1608

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Transfer Drum/Bass Custom Patterns from MRS-1266 to MRS-1608

Post by tt333tt » Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:51 pm

Hello guys,
I had a MRS-1266 for several years, with multiple projects. Now I purchased a MRS-1608 with USB-02 and try to transfer all projects
from the old one. A month ago I transferred all projects from MRS-1266 to computer (using an external HD enclosure) and back to
MRS-1266, checked the projects and everything worked fine. Now I tried to copy one of these projects from computer to MRS-1608 using
Windows Explorer (copied the whole project folder from computer to MRS-1608). I noticed that the custom drum/bass patterns I created
for that project did not go through to MRS-1608.

Do I have to use a certain procedure for these custom made drum/bass patterns and drum/bass song?
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