Replacing Mrs 1266 HDD

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Re: Replacing Mrs 1266 HDD

Post by utla100 » Sat May 07, 2016 11:48 am

Ok, i finally have the full functions work to my MRS-1266CD ,thanks for genesis1 kindly help to
share me the original factory recovery CD.
However there are still some tricky during original system recovery with my substitute new HDD.
The factory recovery CD i get is Ver 1.05, but can't boot up from CD-ROM correctly with my new 120G
segate HDD,so a fully factory recovery from CD process is fail from this original factory recovery CD.
And then i try to make a new factory recovery CD which base on original factory recovery CD (Ver 1.05)
but copy all version 1.09 upgrade CD files (download from ZOOM) to overwrite the old files ,
finally it's work , boot up from CD-ROM then proceed "RECOVER" until LCD show "Done" .
a.Demo song is back ,
b."Hard disk maintenance" functions works now ,
My guess the original factory recovery CD i get from Genesis1 is for MRS-1266 USB model not for CD-ROM model,
that's why it can't be boot up from CD-ROM , but it's just my guess.
I'd like to thanks Genesis1 and Pigeonviewer (Edward) to gave me a big hand during my MRS-1266CD troubleshooting,
and hope my troubleshooting process record here could help someone who have trouble like me.
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Re: Replacing Mrs 1266 HDD

Post by genesis1 » Sat May 07, 2016 3:07 pm

Glad you got it working....the cd is in fact from the MRS1266CD not the usb. However when I replaced my hdd on my 1266 I didn't have any problems that you had and that maybe because of 2 reasons. The first is I replaced my hdd with one of the same size, which I believe was 60gb. Secondly my original disk I had already copied the folders to my PC, so what I did was partition the new disk on Pc with Fat32 and Fat16 and dragged the MrsFac folder into The Fat16, and an empty USR folder into the fat32 folder. Then I connected the new hdd to the Mrs1266 and turned it on.

However I've never tried a 120gb and your procedure will be a great help for anyone suffering similar problems. Well done, very informative.
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