1044 Sysfile not found

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1044 Sysfile not found

Post by jselph » Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:31 pm

I have searched and read every post (I'm pretty sure) on this forum re the 1044 hard drive issues. I have one of the old MRS-1044's without a cd, USB, or SCSI, adapter. My unit had the hard drive failure so I had, on hand, a used 20Gb HDD that I remove from an older computer. I formatted it as FAT32 on my Win7 PC, downloaded the recovery files as referenced in another post, and copied those files to my newly tested and formatted hard drive. Reinstalled the hard drive into the 1044 and powered on. Still got the bad hard drive message but realized I was using a power adapter smaller than the recommended power rating (1 amp verses 1.5 Amp). I hooked up an external power adapter to the hard drive and powered on the drive at the same time as I powered on the 1044 and I got the Sysfile not found error. I found another power adapter with a higher rating (5 amp) and now consistantly get the sysfile not found error. Before starting from scratch again, is there something that I have overlooked or am missing? I contacted USA ZOOM and support agent said he will send me a boot cd, but I just want to check to see if anyone had any other ideas.
Right now, I really only want to use the 1044 as a "looper" for guitar practice, but not sure what I want to do in the future. I am not really interested in doing the CF card conversion at this time. I would rather get it working again and "toy" around with converting it to accept an external IDE CD drive or possibly and internal SSD.
The only other thing that I'm looking for is round knob on the top right side of the unit. It was missing when I bought the 1044 and I have just be using a knob from an old piece of equipment, but it would be nice to have what is supposed to be there.
Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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