MRS-1044 Solution

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MRS-1044 Solution

Post by jselph » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:59 pm

Since I recieved no replies on my Sysfile Not Found request, I started playing around with my malfunctioning 1044, and finally got it to work. I was able to install an 80Gb HDD and it works fine. I know this is an older piece of equipment, but it seems there are a few of them still kicking around that can be put to good use.

What to do:
Hang whatever drive you are going to use in your 1044 as an external device on your PC. Many of the prior threads recommend hardware to use for this purpose.

You MUST format the hard drive in the MRS-1044 after formatting on the PC and writing all zeros to the drive. I used the command prompt with Windows 7, with the command: format driveletter: /fs:FAT /p:2
Where driveletter is whatever drive letter your PC assigns to the drive you have externally connected (Mine was G:).
fs: = the file system that you want to format the drive as (For the 1044 it is FAT).
p = number of passes to write the drive (2 makes sure everything on the drive is overwritten.
The only thing you should have to change in that command is the drive letter. DO NOT leave it as C: as you will erase your system drive and convert your PC to a doorstop!

Reinstall the drive in the 1044 and format. Hold down the Clear button while powering on to enter the Utilities men and then press Mark to launch the format option. Press enter to format the drive. Power off when finished formatting (it won't take long).

Reattach the drive to your PC and copy the System.zex to the formatted hard drive.

Next copy the Patch.dat file. I'm not sure if copying anything other than the System.zex file in a particular order has any effect, but my system would not boot unless I made sure that the system.zex file was the first file copied to the drive.

You can then copy all of the other files EXCEPT the Factory.zex file to the hard drive. Again, my 1044 would not boot with the Factory.zex file on the drive. I kept getting the Sysfile not found error. Apparently, it can only handle one zex file on the root.

Reinstall the drive in your 1044 and you should be good to go. Test a couple of the Demo projects and files just to make sure everything is okay.

I Hope this helps someone else resurrect an ailing machine.
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