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Crackling headphone socket on MRS1266

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:47 am
by MoonBassAlpha
Hi there, first post on this forum, hopefully someone might find it useful, as this kit is getting old and creaky by now.
I just got an R24, so I was checking the 1266 out before putting it up for sale.
The main phones out was cracking/intermittent, as was the power inlet, which is not a good thing.
The good news is it's really easy to get to both items (just a lot of screws) and reflow the solder joints on the respective connectors, job done!
So, if you're putting up with these issues, go ahead and fix them, it could barely be easier, and in the case of the power connector, could save you losing some data.
Pm me if you're interested in buying it at a decent price, UK based.
Edit: I should add, if you are anywhere near me (Oxfordshire, UK) I'd be happy to do this for you.