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MRS-1266 error message

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:02 pm
by twosheds
Hi all - new forum member here!

Sunday last, I ran across an MRS-1266 at the local fleamarket. I hadn't seen a 1266 before but I knew the Zoom brand from my 508 delay pedal and knew Zoom was a good make.

The seller didn't seem to know much about it and I could see it was missing the master slider plus there wasn't a power supply. Other than that, it didn't look abused ...of course I couldn't fire it up to check anything so I made them an offer and took a flyer on it - $40. I picked up a power supply later that day for an additional $5, so I was eager to get home and check it out!

When it turned on I got the message "check drives". After about 10 seconds or so the "int HDD error" message appeared. Apart from the red HDD access light flashing occasionally, the machine just froze there displaying that message. I guess I shouldn't have expected it to work, but I was a bit disappointed nevertheless.

So I decided I'd have a go getting it going. First thing I did was to download the manual from Zoom then following a post here on the forum went to page 157 - maintenance mode. Following the instructions I powered it up with the clear button depressed and it displayed "rom uty" but when I pressed the mark button the display reverted to the "check drives" followed by "int HDD error" messages. The only other messages I get are the power off message and the goodbye. :cry:

Next up, I took out the hard drive and put it into an old IDE enclosure hooked it up to the computer. To my surprise, the drive worked perfectly, both partitions were there and files too. The user partition had a couple of projects but lots of free space as well and both partitions were shown as healthy by the Windows drive manager. :?

So I put the HD back into the machine, figuring maybe I needed the factory install disk I wrote to Zoom and got a link from them the very next day (how great is that :^: ) with a download link. Made a bootable disk and loaded into the CD drive, but even though the drive looked and sounded like it was reading the disk, it didn't boot the machine and I still got the "check drives" followed by "int HDD error" messages.

Looking at the front of the machine, the CD drive is a different color to the body and I think it MAY be a replacement - It's a Lite-on CD burner with 40x12x48 written on the front ...I'm not sure that drives that speedy were around in 2002 - is it possible that it isn't the HDD that has the problem but that the CD burner?

If the CD burner is incompatible and Zoom didn't program an error message for that situation, could it be that the message would possibly default to "check drives" followed by "int HDD error"?

I realize I'm clutching at straws here, but AFAIK that HD doesn't have a problem ..I wonder what CD burner came with this machine originally?

Sorry for the l-o-n-g post,

any and all ideas welcome :2cents:

all the best


Re: MRS-1266 error message

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:42 pm
by twosheds
Well I spent the morning reformatting a new (old 18gb IDE) hard drive into the two partitions and moving the OS files over to the MSR-FAC partition from the factory CD. Replaced the hard drive and still get the same error ...I'm going to try and locate an old CD burner so heading off to the junk shops now.

I suppose by replacing the HD I've eliminated the hard drive as the fault? Unless it's the controller or some other part of the machine, I'm thinking it could only be the incompatible CD burner that's causing problems.

If the replacement CD doesn't do the trick I guess that's that ...recycle bin!