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MRS-1608 won't boot

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:30 pm
by asahartz
My MRS-1608 won't start up. The screen illuminates but doesn't show anything. I thought it might be the hard drive, but having replaced it with a formatted 80Gb Seagate that I know is good, and searched endlessly until I found my factory recovery CD, it's still the same.

If I hold "clear" when I power up, nothing changes. There is still no display on the screen. Nothing to access the CD drive, which won't even open without using a paperclip. It won't turn off unless I unplug the power jack.

I've browsed through the forum and can see a few people have reported the same symptoms, but I don't see any solution anywhere.

Any clues? I'm competent with computers and electronics.