MRS1266 Output signal not in stereo

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MRS1266 Output signal not in stereo

Post by rabbm » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:43 pm


Thanks to the contributors for keeping this place alive.

I am trying to get the projects off my MRS1266 and onto my R24 so I can then transfer via the USB to my laptop.

1 )The playback via the MRS1266 outputs ( red and white) is NOT in stereo.

2) The playback via 2 cables going from the `headphone jack` and the `stereo sub jack` are in stereo ..but not perfect.

Sadly both jacks ( headphone/stereo sub) have faulty sockets..meaning you have to `twist and turn` the cable to get a perfect sound or it breaks up.

Is there anyway to get stereo playback??

Apologies if its long and convoluted but I was hoping to simply record a project from the 1266 onto the R24 rather than redoing the project.

Thank you.
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