HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

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HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

Post by tonyoci » Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:21 pm

Back for the chat. Motivation is low but the fun factor stays high.

This weeks book review:

<a href=" ... HQTFNA&">I Don't Need a Record Deal! by Daylle Deanna Schwartz</a>

I also talked about the free and excellent album available from Harvey Danger <a href=""></a>


It's the Day's End - Robert Nix <a href="">MySpace</a>

Again this Time – Robert Lee Hall <a href="">http://w ...</a>

Untitled - from a special home made hit show guest

Burning Me - I Am Three <a href="">MySpace</a>
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The Cracks
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Post by The Cracks » Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:20 am

It's the Day's End - Robert Nix - Cool song. Need I say it? Leonard Cohen. I like this a lot. Simple yet enjoyable.

Dave, sorry we missed. You didn't miss much with my open mic performance. :shock: I can testify that your voice sounds the same on the phone as it does on HMHS. I knew it was you right off. :^:

James's music has that Bakersfield sound (Dwight Yoakam). I like it.

I am a horrible show recorder. I don't have a good radio voice. I have to write the entire show down.

Tony - my well is currently dry too. I have no creative spark. If it weren't for the open mics, I might not even pick up my guitar. Hey, even the big name acts who make big bucks have the well run dry. Some hang it up for good. I am not going to panic as of yet, but I do have my water colors ready just in case I decide I'm done songwriting. But then I hear a song like "Days End," and I think that I would really like writing songs with just that basic arrangement. It keeps the writing part alive, yet deemphasizes the music part (which is a pain in my neck, I must admit).

Hey, there is a post on the new song page about "Lucky Old Sun".

Did the Radiohead experiment work?

Again this Time – Robert Lee Hall - Ah, Jamstudio makes an appearance. Nice use of JS. Nice vocal melody over the instrumentation. Cool guitar playing in both ears. This song rolls along nicely. Good job.

Ha! :D That's a good story about your daughter in the studio. Stars can be like that.

Untitled - from a special home made hit show guest - This is super. :stick: Great lyrics. This is very introspective for such a young person. Cool bridge. Love that chorus melody. These lyrics are as good as I've heard anywhere around here:

I'm watching you and you show no sign
Of holding on forever.

Gold Star lyrics. I wish I had written that.

This is super! This makes me want to start writing again. Tony, you really are a master at this home recording instrumentation bit. How'd you get those drums to fit that song?

Great job, Little T. Outstanding. Keep writing. You are good.

Inspire 9 year olds? It inspired this 51 year old. This show (in general, and this one in particular) always makes me inspired to pick up the pen and ( :x ) guitar.

I'm reading the current issue of Rolling Stone. My wife brought it home. I haven't looked at that magazine in years. It is really pretty fun reading the record reviews.

Burning Me - I Am Three - I like this one right out of the gate. Sounds like Led Zep guitar. Man, this is cool. This song inspires me too. Dang. Home recording can be fun. I love the vibe of this song. I like that the drums appear to be real (no messing around with loops, etc). Yes, I like this one alot. Great guitar, drums, vocals. Great song. Good job, lads. Thanks.

Great show, gents. Very inspiring. Thanks.
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Post by Polly » Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:53 am

It's the Day's End - Robert Nix. This is quite an odd song but I liked it. I found it reflective and it did capture that 'days end' feeling. The 'when the day ends' is compelling. Good work.

I'll do something on the content front. Dunno what yet! I've got an idea for a new project. There a young guy who lives near me, great, great voice. I think he's after some guidance on song writing, maybe recording etc. I plan to have a meet with him this week. That might throw something up!

Motivation. I'm very motivated at the moment. It's come from doing my own CD which should be ready soon. Just achieving that goal has given me a lift. I've got 3 songs written since then. That in one month, I normally only write one every 2 months.

I find bying new gear can help me. I bought a new acoustic for school last week. I've brought it home for the week's holiday. I have other guitars but having the new one inspires me. I'm buying an inexpensive bass soon too. I played one recently and I've decided its another step out for me.

Leaving space in songs. This has to be true. My song structures are formulaic and I need to 'grow' in this area. I don't think there's anything too wrong with my formulae, I just want some new ones.

The summer challenge helped me as I decided to record something different.

Making money. I think I'm a lucky guy. I have a job that pays quite well, I get a few quid for my open mic night - and a few free beers. :D

Again this Time – Robert Lee Hall. Great hook and great fresh sound on the acoustic. The drums sound good too. Ha! You can actually put drum fills in. One day I will learn how to do this. This is a strong song, I can see why you have come back to it again.

Untitled - Amy Butterworth. She has done very well. The song stands up on its own two feet with the others on the show. The hook is a good one. I hope she is pleased and proud of what she has done here. I can imagine her playing this to her friends - I bet they want be able to match it. As a learning experience it has to be superb. Keep that forever.

PUT ME IN FOR THE DRAW! I nearly bought something the other week. Criticism: I wanted the original logo on the T shirt. It's a while since I looked but I recollect it was mainly 'hits out for the lads'?

Burning Me - I Am Three. There is a superb intimacy to this recording, without it sounding crap. There's an earthy feel but it retains a polish too. Good work chaps. And they're Mancunians, I was never gonna slag off my home town!

Pip pip :D
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Post by Polly » Sun Oct 26, 2008 6:14 am

Well. I just typed all that out. Clicked send - and my PC crashed. I thought I'd lost the lot and I was going to sulk. :cry:

Trusty old Compaq. I never doubted you for a second... 8)
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yay, new hmhs!

Post by rthrashburn » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:26 am

good show, guys.
first, thoughts on the's easy to get frustrated by our own stuff, famiarity breeds contempt sometimes.
plus, originality is a hard subject to be objective about...we know it when we hear it, but don't know how it got there.
it's would probably be easier to achieve, if writing songs were the only thing we had to do all day. unfortunately, most home recorders don't have that option.
also, we can totally relate to being influenced by the "different is wrong" blinders.....trying to overcome this, too.
listening to yankeehotelfoxtrot cure us of this for a while.. :)

as for motivation, just playin the instruments have been the best creative source for us, in terms of basic song structure...most of our songs start out as chords or riffs, too....(a few have started with lyrics or melody, i guess) but not many. luckily, j comes up with melodies pretty quickly, once the chord structure is more or less done.
we have also written something this way, then dumped the original chord theme as you guys talked about.

sometimes, playing an old thing while changing the former major chords to minors or 7ths, vice versa etc. leads to some new territory, plus playing with beats (basic stuff...waltzing something that isn't a waltz, etc) . there's lots of ways. we also make it a point to check out stuff we've never heard before, it's so easy on the web.....this forum is a good example.
then, we try not to beat ourselves up if we're stuck in "suck" mode, everybody goes thru the slump sometimes.
just play thru the pain....

lyrical motivation is another thing....there's plenty of stuff to write about, but saying it in a new way and melodicizing are the general we try to have a story for most of our tunes, but it's hard not to get confined to formula, sometimes.

"suzanne, i will conquer you" sounds like a step in the right direction....can't wait to hear the result.

we'll add harvey danger and mercury rev to the playlist for later.

to the songs:

"it's the day's end": nice song, real minimal. this is a good example of leaving stuff out, as you two mentioned. my dad would like it too!

robert hall.....killer song, and thanks for the recording detail.
the drums are really cool, i can never get fills and such to sound real like you have. i would have kept the beat going until the guitar fade out...... :wink:
super song.

amy/tony tune: like mr. cracks said:
Great lyrics. This is very introspective for such a young person.
maybe there is hope for the future :D , keep writing, amy!
good producing under duress, tony!

"burning me"_great song, kinda gomez-style.
excellent voice, and the recording set-up gave a megaphone voc tone that is cool.
good sound quality recording under the oldschool circumstances.
will add iam3 to playlist too, if possible.

once again, great show guys!

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Re: HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

Post by G33K » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:09 am

Great show! Loved the songs and the discussion.

Here is a cover of the Harvey Danger tune that Dave could almost remember the title too. I did this a couple of years ago for a 90's cover compilation..... ;) ... _Sitta.mp3

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James Ryce
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Re: HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

Post by James Ryce » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:59 am

Hey guy's just noticed that my comments on this show didn't make it ove. I think I was posting them just as all the "boxing up for the move" was taking place. I can't remember all I said at the time, but I do remember I was impressed with the young gal's tune and how good she did. And thought the book review, although short, was good because you saved me money by not buying it. And as usual I enjoyed the talk back and forth you two do.

I also know I liked the tunes played and liked the last one for the way it was recorded (but do remember the one "box drum" sound was a bit loud sometimes but it didn't stop me from enjoying the tune).

That and thank you again for the comments on my show from a few weeks back. Looking forward to see who wins the CD.

A good show guys and sorry my original comments didn't make it, but the new site is looking good and so far moves along nicely.

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Re: HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

Post by Zoetrope » Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:32 am


It's the Day's End - Robert Nix
This is like Jim Morrison singing himself to sleep. Cool.

Chit Chat

Again this Time – Robert Lee Hall
Sounds good, but I'd bring the vocal up, you've got a good voice, you should highlight it.

Untitled - from a special home made hit show guest
The Butterworths are taking over the home recording world. Great job, I wish I'd started writing songs when I was 9.

Book Review
Look out Oprah, the Butterworths are taking over book reviews too.

Burning Me - I Am Three
I like this, reminds me a little of Jane Says.

Another great show.
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Re: HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

Post by famouspatrick » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:50 pm

Sorry I'm so late to the party again this week; been busy as hell playing Mr. Fixit around the house and getting everything ready for the winter. This is going to be very short (I know I say that all of the time, but this time it will be!)

Also, I'll be participating in National Solo Album Month, so I'm might not be commenting on the next few shows, but I'll be back.

It's the Day's End - Robert Nix: Nice laid back tune - kind of hypnotic. Good stuff.

Virtual people infringing on real life?: No, thanks; I like to keep my imaginary friends in my imagination and on the internet. It's hard enough explaining where all of these songs are coming from the way it is.

Filling up all of the spaces in a song: My old bass player used to say: "What's the most important part of music? Sound. What's the second most important part? Silence." Alice Cooper said that his band woul always be layering in more and more parts, but his producer would always get them to take out as much as they could and still get the song sounding good.

Tony's problem with originality: I've got too much to say on this stuff to write it all here. I'll try to record it and submit it as a segment.

Melody or chords first? Chicken or egg?

Again This Time - Robert Lee Hall: Very nice - almost a 50's feel. And good use of the free plugin. I'll have to check it out.

Untitled - Special Guest: Here's a person who isn't worried about how to write! Fun stuff!

Book Review: It's important to find the right book for what you are ready to learn, and what you can use. I doubt if most of us here are chasing stardom.

Burning Me - I Am Three: Cool arrangement, and I like the intimate feel of the recording.

Thanks for the good show. I starting the new album tomorrow! Woo hoo!
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Chris C
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Re: HMHS 135 - The Kid Made Hit Show (10/24/08)

Post by Chris C » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:59 pm

I'm still trying to get caught up on my HMHS listening.

At Day's End - This has a real childlike appeal. I like the instrumental bit in the middle. Reminds me of something NRBQ might do.

Again This Time 5.0 - Nice tune. I like the chord progression. As for the key, I'd say G. Kind of neat how it doesn't really resolve until the end of the verse. I like it.

Untitled - Cool. I wonder if I could get my kids to come with some lyrics.

Burning Me - Agree with Dave - I really like the recording. Sounds great, not overprocessed. Like you are there. Helps that it's a really strong song and performance, too.
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