HMHS 140 - The Girls Of Summer (12/5/08)

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Re: HMHS 140 - The Girls Of Summer (12/5/08)

Post by G33K » Thu Dec 11, 2008 12:06 pm

Another really good show this week!

I was thinking of doing another segment this weekend, but my darn recording computer went down (video card issue), so I'm without a recording studio for now. I'll try to get it back together and come back with something I've been thinking on doing...


Regarding your songs all sounding 'the same', I think they're supposed to. It's one of the reasons we have favorite artists... Because they have a variety of work that all is reminiscent of their other work in some ways. One of the things I was most excited about is when I started writing songs that sounded like they'd make a congruent album of songs; at that point I was sure I had achieved a 'style'. ;)

Regarding albums, If I listen to music, it's going to be a full album, start to finish, or most of one until I get interrupted to do something else... I'm not a singles kind of guy. Most of my favorite albums sound like incomplete works if I start listening in the middle or only listen to only one track.


I'm Gonna Get My Burn On - made me warm for a few moments at 4:00 AM on Monday morning, driving down I75 to work, air temp of 10 degrees F.. ;) Thanks for that. Nice work! If you can deliver your winter challenge song in July, I could give my AC a rest for a while. Please work on that. ;)

Mary Sweet Mary - I'm not adventurous enough to record a song with a system I don't know. I've had reaper, and I've wanted to try it, but I always settle back to what I know how to use for comfort and expedience. Good on you for doing it, and for getting such good results! I liked the bass line, and the lyrics were pretty damn good.

Lucille - Ok, I'm not the biggest blues fan, but I'll agree with Tony and Dave that you really made me believe in your performance. I bought into it, and I had fun with you while I listened. Great job, and really good playing!

Thanks again for the show guys. Good times.... good times...

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Re: HMHS 140 - The Girls Of Summer (12/5/08)

Post by famouspatrick » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:51 am

Well, I've waited until the last minute to post my comments again. I usually listen to the show on Friday night on my way home from work. Then the weekend gets in the way and I'm busy until Monday; when I plan to listen again and note my comments. This week, I did it last night (Thursday), then left my notes at work. :oops: So I am just going from memory here.

I'm Gonna Get My Burn On - Jacob Kantor: This was a cute one, the phrasing was pleasantly surprising, and the harmony was fun. Was the guitar solo supposed to sound like a mosquito, or is it just me? :?:

All of your songs sounding the same: That's partly the curse of the solo recordist; but still, if you look at bands like the Beatles or the Stones, even with all of those different creative minds contributing, you can still hear that it's them from the first line of the vocal.

Mary Sweet Mary - Zoetrope: Nice tune; I liked the arrangement and the lyrics. I envy you guys who understand all the midi and the synths. I'm just an old B grade guitar dog trying jump into synth technology, and it's slow going. Good job, Zoe

The Show - Lenka: I found it pleasant to listen to, but I think I'd quickly grow tired of it if I heard it too often.

Famous(er) Patrick? I played that part of my show for my wife, and she suggested "FamousPatrick to the 2nd Power" which I think is much too long. Then she said "FamousPatrick squared" which I don't like either. I'm somewhat resistant to change, because I still have my old band jackets with "Famous Patrick" on them, and I have about a dozen of my "Stolen From Famous Patrick" guitar picks left (of the 144 I bought 20 years ago). But, I will bow to the will of the people. :roll:

Lucille - Michael Lyzenga: Nice blues, dude! Well recorded and a lot of fun. Made me smile.

Another good show, guys. I await the next one in a few hours.
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