HMHS 149 - Now with 100% More Zoetrope (2/20/09)

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Dave Watson
been here a while
been here a while
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Re: HMHS 149 - Now with 100% More Zoetrope (2/20/09)

Post by Dave Watson » Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:02 am

Toothpick -Snubby

Never sure about these kind of songs, probably better as a soundbite for HMHS than a showcase of Snubby's sound output.

Jezebel - Throbbing Mattress Kitten

Loved this song and the name of the group is just excellent, what a vision.

This Lonely Night
Thanks to HMHS for playing my song. Apologies for the over enthusiasm in explaining the lyrics, it seemed relevant at the time after the Pat Patterson show.

It Couldn't Be Done - Tim Finn
I look like I'm in a minority by liking this, I just really enjoyed the energy and crispness of the sound. Agreed the lyrics were memorable for their lack of stickability but not every song needs to make a point. Just communicate a vibe, which it did...

Be Here Now - South Hill Project
I really liked this track, thought the changing textures worked really well, loved the synths, changes of pace and dramatic tensions. Thought the distortions on the voice were a really creative use of the voice tracks. I just wish I had this kind of sound craft.

Nice show again, Zoetrope is a kind of antidote to uncertainty...
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Re: HMHS 149 - Now with 100% More Zoetrope (2/20/09)

Post by tonyoci » Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:10 am

Don't be suckered by that loud and opinionated fame hungry Zoetrope. I think he may be the only one here who didn't like that song so the likers are the majority not the minority.
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Re: HMHS 149 - Now with 100% More Zoetrope (2/20/09)

Post by Zoetrope » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:48 pm

Yeah, it's a pop song, I assume it's gotten some chart action (too lazy to check) so it's a safe bet I'm in the minority on this one.
But I'm famous and you're not, so that's gotta make a difference. :twisted:
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Re: HMHS 149 - Now with 100% More Zoetrope (2/20/09)

Post by chckn8r » Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:42 pm

Criddle, you were definitely missed, but, gotta say, if you're going to have a stand-in, Zoetrope's a great choice. Loved the colour commentary!

Haven't been able to get to downloading the MiniMOGUE yet - there seem to be so many new "FREEEEEE" synths and effects out there. Hard to keep up and get the time to play!

Jezebel - Throbbing Mattress Kitten - very cool tune. Bit of a Doors/old Yes kind of feel amidst the banjo (mandolin?)

This Lonely Night - Dave Watson ... ah, more sonic genius from a fellow Dave! loved it!

It Couldn't Be Done - Tim Finn - I'm a bit with Zoetrope on this one, but not to the extreme in that I'd say it SUCKED. Yeah, the tune was somewhat formulaic. After he introduced all the bits with the verse and the chorus, that was it ... no surprises. The bridge was predictable and even the odd reharmonizations he threw in weren't anything that threw me. I'd say "Meh".

Be Here Now - South Hill Project - yeah, the change-ups throughout the tune were great. Threw some nice curve-balls in where the song went. Great performances
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