HMHS Guest Show - Radio Muse (1/22/10)

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HMHS Guest Show - Radio Muse (1/22/10)

Post by tonyoci » Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:50 pm for the show for the forum.

Please keep sending the song in for future shows
This week I am happy to run a guest show. This is episode 20 of Radio Muse from the songwriting website. The show is put together by Kevin King and features songwriters from all levels of the business. Thanks to Kevin and Jodi Krangle from Muses Muse for making this available.

The show can be found at

The full details of each song can be read at the episode page found at

Kevin's bio
Kevin King runs Blind Dog Audio, a Christian recording studio in Longmont, Colorado. A passionate guitarist and occasional songwriter with a practical, no-nonsense approach to the music industry, Kevin's true love is in achieving the impossible, shattering perceptions, and helping artists find their voice and personal success by matching aspiration to inspiration.

The show description
Radio Muse is a streaming MP3 Internet broadcast featuring independent songwriters. The idea behind the show is to bring together the very best indie music from songwriters at all levels and stages of their musical journey. Every month or so, Radio Muse invites you to join us for a wonderful excursion that leads to a place where time stops and the music begins...... This show will only be broadcast through a link from this site, and only on the Internet. It is for the purposes of promoting independent songwriters and their work. We hope to help spread the word about some of the truly fantastic, undiscovered talent that we know is out there.

and finally the song list from this show (links to each artist can be found on the website listed above)

Lorelei Loveridge: Oh India (4:11)

Heather Dale: Fisherman's Boy (3:20)

Crowding 50: Still Mine To Lose (3:51)

Sunflow: Eve's Lullaby (My Little One) (3:12)

Alabaster Road: Save Me (3:28)

Mark Bodino: Won't See Me Crying (3:16)

No Fixed Abode: The Time Has Come (3:28)

Force: Emotional Bond (4:40)

Susan Souza: When It's Still (5:04)

Coco and Lafe: Introduce Myself To You (3:10)

Paul Winn Band: Rescue Me (4:09)

So Shush: On Top Of The World (3:30)

Sal Lima: I Remember When (3:14)
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Re: HMHS Guest Show - Radio Muse (1/22/10)

Post by The Cracks » Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:03 pm

I've got some free time on my hands before going to play an open mic so I've got #20 playing. Not bad. Some of these songs sound like people reaching for the main stream. So far I like the HMHS song selections better. Your show generally has more original and creative songs. But I know you aren't looking for comparisions. I will say there is no way I will be commenting on all these songs, etc., in my ususal style. :D
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Re: HMHS Guest Show - Radio Muse (1/22/10)

Post by classicgeek » Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:27 am

I'll just be honest: I did something that I never do with normal episodes of the HMHS: I fast forwarded to the end to get to the next show.

While the quality of the music was good (first few songs), it didn't have the "come one, come all" feel of the normal episodes. And the Tony and Dave (or Frank and Grandma!) banter. Gotta have banter. :D
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