HMHS 205 - Half a Surprise 10/16/2010

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Re: HMHS 205 - Half a Surprise 10/16/2010

Post by raweber » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:43 am

Hi, everyone - first post. Thanks for all the kind words. I was a little nervous about submitting a song to HMHS, but decided to just go for it.
lucas wrote:* More instruments makes us sound amateurish
if I could just record what it sounds like in my head.. does anyone make a product like that?
Good thought, Lucas - that's kind of what we're all shooting for, huh? The pursuit of what's in my head is why this ended up as an a capella doo-woo thing rather than a "standard" band arrangement.
lucas wrote:* Robert Weber - Every Day
retro corner doo-wop. nice job on the harmonies
strikes me as a number in a musical
Thanks - a friend of mine, upon hearing it, remarked that it sounded like the theme song to the sitcom of my life.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I have a more detailed write-up on my blog at

Thanks, everyone!


p.s. It's pronounced like Webber, as in Andrew Lloyd, just minus one "b" and most of the talent...
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