HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

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Re: HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

Post by tonyoci » Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:21 am

Alberto, I have reversed my opinion on the Variax. I used it this week and remembered why I like it. There is a small inconvenience in getting it started (cables etc.) which I have fixed by a semi permanent setup. It's the perfect guitar for me, smallish, lightweight and easy to play. It's also less noisy so it hides a few technique problems. I also learned to play on it really so it's more comfortable in that way I think.

Great comments all, thanks for keeping us motivated.
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Re: HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

Post by storpotaten » Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:29 am

Audionowcast is one of my favourite podcasts and it's often a real treat. The guys around the table have such cool resumes and bring in a lot of really interesting guests. The topics range from very basic stuff to real gearslut masterclasses. If you look a few episodes back they talk about mastering, and the expert guest is the guy who masters the latest Lady Gaga singles. Bobby Osinsky recently became a regular. Patrick Leonard, who co-wrote several of Madonna's hits, was there recently. And one of the other regulars is Rob Arbittier, who is not only very funny but also played keyboards with Stevie Wonder for many years. And the list goes on.

Of course, I learned about it through an episode of Home Recording Show. Which I knew about because their forums are hosted here... See how it all fits together? ;)
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Re: HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

Post by toddpop1 » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:18 pm

Re: Dave's Rondo Music bass-
My wife just got me an Agile Les Paul Jr. for my birthday ( I had been eyeing it for a while). It's my first Rondo guitar, and I am blown away by the quality, feel and sound. I took it to my guitar tech, and after he did his voodoo on it, this thing rocks- my tech was so impressed, he ordered one for himself!
I have a Variax 300, and will keep it for the more specialized sounds (12 string, electric sitar) but the Agile is my go-to guitar from now on.
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Re: HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

Post by GeeJay » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:43 am

I'm back......

Good songs again, high quality too -

Song one - I too thought this sounded like Tony, found myself singing this well after listening - always a good sign for me. Sudden end caught me by surprise!

Dave's new bass - when does one have enough guitars? As a "non-musician" type it occurs to me that "a lot" of you proper musicians have what would appear to "a lot" of guitars/basses. Are there sonic/playability reasons for this or is it just the thrill of acquisition that drives this? Not meaning to sound cheeky, but with plug in emulations/amp modelling etc. I was wondering what the main motivation was?

What's that........did someone say "Philistine"? :?

Simplifying - "30 minutes trying each sound". Yup, me too :roll: Easier said than done though!

Song two - always refreshing to hear a female vocalist - this one reminded me of Chrissie Hynde too, especially in the vibrato's. Very "pro" again.

Organising your Plug-ins - Sorry to bring the whole tone down, but I'm afraid I have to register what I believe to be the first ever HMHS official complaint. Following your advice, I organised all my plug-ins, and now all my plug-ins sound like an organ! :evil:

Yes the "favourites folders" are a really useful feature in Reaper Dave, I have made full use of that - otherwise you end up with a list of 100 or so plug-ins to scroll through.

Great last song - really fine writing :^:

I'm still getting the HMHS emails Zoetrope, Tony told me he had deleted you from the list :twisted:

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Re: HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

Post by fabkebab » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:02 pm

Of course, always the last to the party!

Enjoyed the show, although it was a few days ago now so I will have to remember the highlights -

1 ) First song - I agree with the earlier poster who said it sounded like Tony - thats who I thought it was!

2 ) Feedback appreciated - in spite of the awful joke at the beginning, my feedback is that maybe the chorus (and prechorus) could have "risen" a little from the verses, for increased contrast

3 ) Enjoyed the last song

Glad to have the show!
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Re: HMHS 208 - The Return Of the Plugin (2/4/11)

Post by classicgeek » Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:43 pm

Still waiting for a flight and commenting on a HMHS episode!

In Between: neat chord changes and playing with dynamics.

Limiting options: yeah. I don't have a lot of guitars or mics, but between the amp modeling in GarageBand and a Zoom guitar effects unit, the guitar tones take up a lot of my time. Good luck with your personal zen.

There for you: Awesome. Reminded me of the Pretenders, but it was some thing different. The guitar solo fit perfectly. I'd like to get this one on my iPod.

Exactly what you need: Tight (in a good way). Shows what a good real live drummer brings to the party.

Overall: a bargain at twice the price! Thanks for doing it guys!
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