Home Made Hit Show #13 is up and running

Check out the Home Made Hit Show with Tony and Dave at http://homemadehitshow.com
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Home Made Hit Show #13 is up and running

Post by tonyoci » Thu Mar 02, 2006 2:56 pm

Yes it's back


I didn't put a whole lot of work into picking songs but I like them all (which from this point on is my only goal :D )

No poll, doesn't seem worth it
  • She’s a Lady – John Blight/Charlie Angel
    Time - Tomas De Camino, Jeff Jaeggi, Mike Angelo
    In My Way – Michael Minos
    Lily Of The Nile – Benee Wafers and The Poppers
    Starboard – Mark Shirra
    A Letter – Hearts Minus Sorrow
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Post by Riffmaster » Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:18 pm

Tony i first wat to say it's very nice to hear the familiar HMHS theme again. i really enjoyed this offering,"Time" being the standout. i also liked "In My Way"..nice punkish tune. Thanks for the time and effort to put it together.
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Post by Lee » Thu Mar 02, 2006 11:15 pm


I’m glad you did away with the voting this week. The whole “Jingle Bells” incident was one of my fabricated episodes. Unfortunately, the last one wasn’t fabricated! Sorry man… it wasn’t you.

The opener had me expecting Tom Jones. What I heard instead was in many ways just as enjoyable. It wasn’t cool in any way, shape, or form but it was still an entertaining listen.

It might be the familiarity bias but the iBlues tune just kicks a very large one if you know what I mean. Wow. This song should be on nation-wide rotation.

Do you ever play that game where you’re like guessing the next word to rhyme in a song before it is said? I think I had a 75-80% accuracy on “In My Way”, but about halfway through (I think) I started liking it. The chorus is catchy. Man, I’m positive this time.

Man, Jeff won! Cool…

“Lily Of The Nile” was a good song. Don’t know what to say about it. If felt familiar. Hmmm… not sure if I would like it a second time but I did the first time.

That garden jingle is strange!

“Starboard” had something and I like it in as much as it reminded me of Juandog (the backup vocal). The change/interlude helped a lot. It has something but needs to be reworked (mix/mastering). It’s well written though.

Eight minutes? Man, I feel tired already. The intro works… (not bad so far). Okay, one minute passed, where is this voice that isn’t for everybody? Still waiting… some nice acoustic stuff… hey, a voice! He reminds me of what’s his face? This chorusy thing is hooky in an Avril Lavine kind of way. Okay… he’s loosing me. It kicks in! <head banging> It’s very entertaining. I’m not sold on the voice but you don’t have to be in order to appreciate it. Then again, I wonder how many people have listened to it to the end? Where is that end?

A great return for the not lucky number thirteen.
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Post by Jeffster » Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:10 am

Great show, Tony. Seemed to go by rather quickly, even with the long last song, which I take as a good sign that the music all flowed well together. And you were right, that last song was well worth getting past the relatively weaker intro to get into the growing strength of this gem. The phrase, "Everything but the kitchen sink," comes to mind for the variety of change ups he had going on there.

Of course, I have a bias towards Time, and I won the contest in the middle of it all, so my opinion of the show may likely be even further from objective this time around. Plus which, it's just plain good to hear your show back up on the Internet. Keep up the good work! 8)
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Post by storpotaten » Sat Mar 04, 2006 4:56 pm

As usual, our homies from the forum sweeps the concert hall floor with the competition. :^:
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