Pocket Pod

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Pocket Pod

Post by lucas » Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:18 am

I just picked up a Pocket Pod for $75.00
It's used, but almost brand new.
The guy said his girlfriend gave it to him for his birthday and then someone else gave him a Line 6 amp a day or 2 later so he doesn't need it.

It's pretty cool, Criddle's review doesn't really do it justice.
It's pretty easy to figure out,.
The only thing I really needed to look at the manual for was how to turn the main volume up & down.
It's also my only complaint so far, you have to hold down the 2 buttons on the lower edge while working the directional toggle at the top up by the screen.
They really should have used a dedicated knob for this.

Still, an extremely sweet little device.
Spent a couple of hours just going through the presets.
It has presets for bass & vocals as well, I'll have to try those out this weekend.
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