Zoom H6 and iMac OS X Mavericks: Strange noise

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Zoom H6 and iMac OS X Mavericks: Strange noise

Post by gPerboni » Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:07 am


I bought the Zoom H6 and it works fine as audio interface on Windows 7, but I'm facing some problmes on Mac OS X (10.9.1 Mavericks).

The problem is: I connect the USB cable and run Garage Band, everything is fine, but when I create a new project, a loud noise start to be heard on the H6 headphone. It's almost like a white noise mixed with eletric interference.

The noise does NOT start right on, it take a few seconds to start after the new project is created.

I tried to use Reaper and the same problem happens, but "sometimes" it goes away by itself.

I did a lot of search around the web and there's a lot of people saying that Zoom and Apple are aware of the problem and the only solutino is waiting for their good will.

If anybody have any suggestion, please let me know! This iMac is a overpriced toy and I'm feeling very disapointed by now...

Thank you!


PS: The H6 works fine as a stand alone recorder and the firmware is up to date. My OS X is also up to date.
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