Music stand is now recording station thanks to Zoom5.

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Music stand is now recording station thanks to Zoom5.

Post by Mugwump » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:21 am

Here is a mod to an Apex music stand that works great with a Zoom that has the camera adapter. I am using this set up to demonstrate instruments built by my brother in Victoria BC, I did add a slight bit of reverb post to the recording that I posted to the web site I built for Chris. The recording is of a guitar he built for me.

He did the modification to my music stand. It is very simple. A curved piece of aluminum with bolts and wing nuts to attach it to the stand and a 1/4" by 20 standard bolt for attaching the zoom. I am absolutely delighted with the recording setup it is very portable and I can run it by using a portable usb power source, so essentially I can record anywhere and the results are uniformly excellent.

The zoom recorder is by far and away the best little device I have ever seen for decent recording of a solo instrument like the classical guitar a veritable Swiss army knife like device. Zoom 6 next year for this camper!
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