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Zoom Mixer

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 7:29 am
by samelove
Hello everyone, I am a newbie on this forum. I have a very specific setup issue for a field recording (birds rec in specific). I attached a quick sketch of how I would like it to be. This set up very much inspired by Chris Watson (sound recordist). My question is about MSH-6 MS CAPSULE for Zoom H6. I could not find any information on youtube considering how to add a fifth on sixth levels to a mixer. I assumed that in a configuration such as Zoom H6 all inputs + XYH-5 X/Y CAPSULE there should be 6 levels on the mixer panel. Still, it might be true, only I could not find a visual evidence of that being possible in those youtube videos. I am aware of a multi-track setting I can go with but I would like to avoid any software programs or any usage of laptop.

With that set up I am trying to get a better stereo effect. All mics are omnidirectional + capsule that has both mono and side-stereo. I will appreciate any comment or advice on my set up (text/video/pic). Yet, the most important to know is whether I can or not add a fifth level bar onto a zoom’s mixing panel. I hope that my question is clear as I am not really into gear. I do it for artistic purposes.

p.s I do not own any equipment, therefore, I dig into a theory, before a future rental.