H5 vs H6 for sound quality

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H5 vs H6 for sound quality

Post by Barncore » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:55 am

Hey, i'm looking to buy a H5 or H6. I will be using it to record field sounds and integrating that into music, as well as recording some live instruments. I don't need all the extra inputs that a H6 has, but i don't want to sacrifice quality of sound. Are the preamps and mics the same in each device? Or is the H6 better quality? I can't seem to find a clear answer on the internet, everyone has a different opinion, and recorded demos of each device DO sound different.

Also, is there a difference between old H5's and new H5's? I read somewhere that the newest ones are better quality. Dunno if that's true though.

Also, is there anything about the 2 i should know about? (i.e. i think i remember reading that the H5 picks up a lot of noise from handling/knocking the device. But maybe that was the h4, not sure?

Thanks for any advice
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Re: H5 vs H6 for sound quality

Post by still_fiddlin » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:43 am

If you are using external microphones, and you should for best quality IMO, the mic preamp specs for H5 and H6 are identical, so I'd guess they are the same hardware bits.

There are very slight differences in the XY mic specs, which are actually designated XYH-6 and XYH-5 (I always assumed they were the same), but I mean very slight, so differences in any kind of online review, unless done with extreme precision and made available in the original, non-lossy files, could be necessarily attributed to the those.
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