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H5 XYH-5 Capsule Requiring Record Level 8-9 ??

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:13 pm
by Jmolli
I just purchased an H5. I had an H4n pro for about two days and decided to upgrade to the H5 primarily for the analog dials to adjust recording levels. I was surprised to find out the XY Mics on the H5 don’t seem as efficient as the XY mics of the H4n pro. I need to set it at about recording level eight or nine while speaking only 5 to 6 inches away from the sponge windscreen. This is a much higher recording level than what was required with the XY mics on the H4npro. Has anyone had a similar experience with their H5? I’m wondering if I have a defective XYH-5 mic capsule.

Below are some observed dB levels. I had the sponge wind screen on the mics and held the recorder pointed at my mouth at a distance of about 6”. I spoke in a normal tone of voice.

Level 7: -18dB
Level 8: -17
Level 9: -13

For comparison, my Movo LV4-O lav mic only requires a level of about 5.5 to reach -12dB when clipped to my collar about 5” below my chin. I’m a complete noob, so my apologies in advance if any of the above makes no sense.

Re: H5 XYH-5 Capsule Requiring Record Level 8-9 ??

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:55 pm
by still_fiddlin
That seems unusual for the built-in capsule unless you're whispering. Is the foam windscreen necessary? I honestly never used mine in all the years I had my H6. (I did have a "dead kitten" for outdoor use, though.)

Have you tried it both with fresh batteries and the AC adapter to see if it makes a difference?

Re: H5 XYH-5 Capsule Requiring Record Level 8-9 ??

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:33 pm
by Jmolli
Thanks for the reply. I was speaking in a normal tone of voice. The same speaking volume that gave me decent recordings with the LV4-O lav mic. Yes, I primarily use it on USB power and I've also tried it without the sponge windscreen and with a Zoom Deadcat (WS-01).

The other thing I noticed was the H4n Pro had just incredible stereo imaging with the XY mics when I listened to recordings through my MX50 headset. The H5 does not image nearly as well. I wish I was more experienced, I'm not sure if I should exchange it for another one.

Re: H5 XYH-5 Capsule Requiring Record Level 8-9 ??

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:52 am
by still_fiddlin
It sounds as if something is wrong with that device and I would definitely want to compare it with another. You should not need to have the gain nearly at max when working that closely.

P.S. You might check to see if there's a firmware update for the device, install that if there is one, and (either way) do a factory reset, then re-run your tests, just to make sure you've not got some setting out of whack.

P.P.S. I assume since you're showing dBFS you're pulling the SD card and comparing the levels on the raw files?

Re: H5 XYH-5 Capsule Requiring Record Level 8-9 ??

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:30 pm
by Jmolli

Hate to reveal how little I know, but those levels I quoted were from what I was seeing on the H5 LCD. I wouldn’t know how to measure levels on raw files.

I actually got a 2nd H5 today so I could do a test of the two XY mics on the same H5. Based on the test, it was easy to see that the mic on my orig H5 was defective. Fortunately I’m still within the return period for my original H5, so it’s going back tomorrow.

Thanks for your help. It was because of your input that I decided to get a 2nd H5 and do the test.

Can’t wait to try out the H5 to record multiple sound tracks for my next flying video. I’m going to use the XY mic to pick up ambient cockpit sound and inputs 1&2 for my intercom/radio communications. I’m go to record the same feed on 1&2 but at different levels. It’s hard to avoid peaking on the radio com feed since volume varies all over the place depending on who else is on the freq and how strong/close they are. I’m going to use the 20db pad on the intercom feed since it’s pretty hot. The H5 should be perfect for what I intend to do.