Setting up Zoom R16 for use as an audio I/F with Cubase

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Setting up Zoom R16 for use as an audio I/F with Cubase

Post by mblau » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:34 am

I've been using my Zoom R16 as a stand-alone recorder for a few months now, but could not get it to work reliably as an audio I/F. Web searches turned up lots of people having similar problems but no good answers. I finally got it working this week, so I'll post this and hope someone else finds it helpful. The steps might be similar with the R8 or R24.

Setting up Zoom R16 for use as an audio I/F with Cubase:
First, download and install the latest driver from The version 1.3.0 driver for R16 didn’t work reliably for me. Version 1.4.0 is much better.
Boot the PC without the USB cable connected to the R16
Don’t power on the R16 using the power switch – it will get power from the USB cable
Plug in USB cable from R16 to a USB 2.0 port on your PC. USB 3.0 is supposed to be backward compatible, but it doesn’t seem to work in this case. Check your computer’s manual to figure out which port(s) are USB 2.0.
As soon as you plug in the cable, the R16 will power up and give the prompt “AUDIO INTERFACE”
Hit enter three times on the R16 and look for flashing “audio interface” indicator
Wait for the flashing to stop. Sometimes this happens right away and sometimes it takes a minute or two. I haven’t figured out why. Sometimes I open Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Zoom R16_R24 control and this seems to help, but this could be a coincidence.
Don’t bother starting Cubase until “audio interface” has stopped flashing! If it never stops flashing I just unplug the cable, reboot the PC and try again. I don’t know what else to try.
When the “audio interface” indicator is steady, start Cubase. If you’re just getting started, select one of the sample projects like “ZOOM R16_R24 8Mono Recording.cpr”. This will have the inputs and outputs mapped correctly and you can skip the next few steps. If you’re adding new tracks to a project recorded somewhere else, you’ll need to map the I/O manually as follows:
In Cubase: Devices, Device Setup -> set VST Audio System to Zoom R16_R24
In Cubase: Devices, VST Connections, Inputs -> Add input busses and map to input channels as needed
In Cubase: Project, Add Track, Audio
In Cubase: Rename the new track
In Cubase: Select track name in upper left
In Cubase: Map track to the correct input
Repeat the last four steps for as many tracks as you will be recording at once

Once your I/O is mapped and your tracks created, you are ready to record
In Cubase: File, Save As -> Save to a new project name
In Cubase: click red dot and yellow speaker on the track(s) you want to record
Set input gains using the knobs on the R16
In Cubase: rewind to start and press red dot on transport control window
To hear what you’re doing use the headphone output on the R16. It would be nice to use the R16 as an input source and map the output to the PC’s sound card, but if this is possible I can’t figure it out.

To do another take:
In Cubase: highlight the first take’s track
In Cubase: Select Project, Duplicate Tracks
In Cubase: Rename the new track
In Cubase: Click red dot and yellow speaker on new track (unclick those on the first take’s track)
In Cubase: Rewind to start and press red dot on transport control window

To shut down:
Shutting down gracefully will increase your chances of success the next time you want to use the R16.
Shut down Cubase first
On R16: Press USB button, then Enter to terminate Audio I/F
Unplug USB cable
Shut down the PC
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Re: Setting up Zoom R16 for use as an audio I/F with Cubase

Post by stevem5000 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:03 pm

I realize this post was 6 years ago....but I just got the R16 and Cubase installed and I am struggling...
Your post was very helpful...
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Re: Setting up Zoom R16 for use as an audio I/F with Cubase

Post by Jim_Fogle » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:18 pm

I agree. Poster mblau was VERY generous with his or her time and considerate of other R16 users. Many people would be too frustrated and annoyed to take the time to provide detailed information about the troubles they had and how to overcome them.

I can only hope the poster realizes that six years later the poster is still helping others enjoy their R16.
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