R16 as a control surface for Reaper

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R16 as a control surface for Reaper

Post by hoodoo voodoo » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:08 am

I apologize in advance for those who aren't using this device with Reaper (although if you can think of a possible solution please feel free to chime in with one !!)

I'm using a Zoom R16 as control surface for Reaper, which responds via the Mackie Control Universal (or MCU Klinke) control protocol. It works perfectly fine for responding to 16 individual tracks, in terms of fader control of volume.

If I add a track Folder ( a container for several tracks of a similar type, eg drums, to be controlled in Submix fashion by a single Folder fader) it will react to that, as if it's just another track...which is fine too (sometimes).

However, I'd like to have the R16's faders control only the Folder faders, and not the individual child tracks contained within them....so directing the R16 to skip/ignore the child tracks.

In the Mixer window of Reaper, I can easily move all Folders to the left...and I can also hide child tracks. However, the R16 won't respond to this..it slavishly follows the Track Control Window only, and locks onto every fader (top to bottom), whether it's a child track or a Folder.

This (skip function) would make mixing a lot more efficient, and use up far fewer R16 surface faders. At present it looks like the only way (?) is to create Custom Actions for each fader.... unless there's an alternative method of making individual tracks 'invisible' to the R16 ?

To give a practical twist to this, I could have 26 or more tracks (individual tracks plus folders)...yet these could easily condense down to just 5 or 6 folders. So it's a big deal to navigate to the 6 essential folders (which are interspersed within these tracks/folders, and across a few banks of eight) to make a mix !

Can anyone see a shortcut way of doing this...I'm sure it's applicable to any DAW which uses Folders to contain grouped tracks (eg drum mics, guitars, keys, background vocals, effects returns, etc) ?
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