Zoom R16, initiation of Project

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Zoom R16, initiation of Project

Post by BM_Radio_Players » Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:12 pm

When I load a project, to record radio plays, using 6 mikes and a stereo sound effects input, I do not get any output until I touch each of the sliders and move them a tiny bit.
Any ideas why, and how to avoid upsetting my mike settings?

Philip Hammon, Blue Mountains Radio Players
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Re: Zoom R16, initiation of Project

Post by Wulfraed » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:43 am

The faders:
1) only affect the output mix levels, not the input microphone levels (which are set using the GAIN/PEAK knobs)
2) fader position is virtual, as the two track banks can have different output levels but share the same faders -- you wouldn't want bank B to change levels to match what had been set on bank A, and vice versa each time you toggle the banks.

As a result of #2, when changing banks (or entire projects) one often has to slide the faders far enough to "catch up" with the last value set on the track (otherwise the processor assumes the fader position was the setting for the /other/ bank of tracks).

If you open the track parameters display (PAN/EQ button), then use the ^/v buttons to select [FADER] you can see (and change using the rotary) the numeric setting (use </> to change tracks; you can actually set all 16 tracks without using the bank switch). See page 38 of the manual -- note the INITIAL VALUE: fader value is 0 (-inf). I don't recall if I ever confirmed, but I believe 100 maps to the 0dB marker (leaving the remaining 101-127 to cover the range to +12dB).

Page 57 indicates that there is the option when creating a project to carry-over the settings from the previous project -- which includes track parameters.

You might also try saving an empty project after you have the track output settings as you like, then instead of creating a new project you (page 60) COPY the template project and open the copy for use.
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