Zoom R24/R16 automatic USB interface mode at startup (Arduino mod)

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Zoom R24/R16 automatic USB interface mode at startup (Arduino mod)

Post by beagle_ac » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:10 am

Hi community,

this mod is probably interesting for Zoom R16/R24 users who are using these mainly as an audio interface and are bugged by being forced to tap the same button sequence every time after powering up the device. (And probably also interesting for anyone who wants to automate any other device by controlling any hardware buttons through an Arduino). But be careful please. The device has to be opened and being soldered (a little bit), so you should know what you're doing here. We won't take responsibility for any possible damage. And, of course, any still active warranty claims will get spoiled by doing so.

Our main reason to develop this was that we wanted to be able to power up our home studio by one click. We now are able to have our studio ready and 'hot' by powering on the PC, electronic instruments and peripherals (done through RF power switches), then let the DAW (Samplitude here) load a template with active monitors and RECs, and then are ready for immediate recording or jam sessions. Especially helpful to raise the WAF on all that gadgets and apparatures :)

The very quick and dirty done documentation can be found here on YT:

https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=i ... rrer=watch

It's in German only so far. If serious interest shows up I'll try to translate it to English. Questions welcome.

Have fun
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