Mastering on the R16 - anyway to set a brickwall limiter?

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Mastering on the R16 - anyway to set a brickwall limiter?

Post by LarryHagmansLiver » Wed Sep 05, 2018 6:42 pm

Hi all,
Can anyone recommend any changes I can make to any of the Mastering algorithms that will give me a brickwall type limiter? I've used the MAXIMIZER preset in the past on an R8 that I used to have (which wasn't a brick wall but it helped with perceived loudness), but I wasn't entirely happy with the overall EQ it gave me. Didn't sound full and clear. I came across someone's custom BOOST16 settings on this forum, and tweaked it a little, but its still seems to end up quieter than the reference mix I use to compare it to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do detuned, sludgey doom metal. My reference mix is the song"Revolve" by the Melvins from the album Stoner Witch if that helps.
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Re: Mastering on the R16 - anyway to set a brickwall limiter?

Post by selbalicious » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:58 pm

I meant to answer this the other day (sorry mang).
so...if you've tried Boost16 preset and it still doesn't give you what you want, I'm afraid that unless someone else knows something I haven't stumbled're stuck with the limitations of the R16 itself.

Hopefully I made it clear in the post about creating your own Boost16 that this is STILL VERY VERY analog in that it's not a true "brickwall". It's just our best attempt at it. And it's definitely not going to be as good or flexible as a bonafide mastering toolkit (in the DAW or whatever).

Best of luck!

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