R24 tribulations.

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R24 tribulations.

Post by rabbm » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:22 pm

I am currently having a mini meltdown....somewhat.

I bought an R24 yesterday and had a few hours trying it. Big change from the MRS1266..admittedly i`d used that for 10+ years and knew it inside out.

I didnt realise the projects when transferred are in Mono. I was thinking it was Stereo.

I downloaded and started using Audacity using the R24 as the interface. Its sounds good but wont let me record my mic on a 3rd track. Its connected by XLR.
So i have 2 stereo tracks that I cant add vocals too.

I think ive been watching too many youtube videos of `beat makers` using midi keyboards and Logic/Protools et al getting pretty much perfect sound out the box with the plugins.

Tempted to return it and go for the midi keys and be done with it.

Maybe its just `getting used to something new` syndrome.
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Re: R24 tribulations.

Post by Wulfraed » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:43 pm

{Skipped the R-16, I see}

I did warn that the R-series are significantly different in operations (input tied directly to corresponding track, ad hoc file assignment to tracks) from the traditional (MRS, HD, BOSS BR systems which route inputs to armed tracks, and use v-takes on each track).

Unless you /record/ using a /linked stereo pair/ (page 20 of the R-24 manual) using the TWO corresponding inputs, then only mono files are created -- panning information (page 41) only applies to tracks during playback through the unit OR when BOUNCED (page 43-44) to a stereo file (linked pair OR MASTER [page 46 -- see note regarding pan]).

On the R-series, linked stereo pairs produce single STEREO WAV files, non-linked tracks produce MONO files (bouncing to unlinked pair requires setting the panning of the pair to full left, full right, to produce correct playback). On MRS/HD, linking only affects panning (which turns into a balance control) and fader (one fader controls both) -- but the tracks are still mono except for the MASTER (which is stereo on all devices).

For audio interface mode, you need to select the appropriate driver. The "default" driver tends to be simple Stereo -- which means it is tied to inputs 1&2. You need a driver that allows for all 8 inputs to be active. (I'm guessing you put the microphone on one of the higher numbered inputs).

While I have Audacity installed, I don't know enough about how to assign tracks to inputs. Most of my audio editing has been done using (Sony|Magix) Vegas Pro (yes, a video editor -- but it started life as an DAW that gained video editing ability before become a video editor with very complete audio editing features). I also have variants of CakeWalk (SonarLE and the current [register] Cakewalk by BandLab), and a couple of WAV editors (SoundForge and WaveLab -- which work on single files at a time).
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