R16 interface with Midas M32R

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R16 interface with Midas M32R

Post by stevem5000 » Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:59 pm

We have an R16 which we really like...
The venue that I record at just got a new mix board...Midas M32R...

Since both devices have a USB port...in both cases it's the "B" usb...

Does anyone know if we can output from the Midas to the R16 thru the USB and have
the R16 record in multitrack...???
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hoodoo voodoo
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Re: R16 interface with Midas M32R

Post by hoodoo voodoo » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:01 am

I doubt it very much....connected via USB the R16 can be operated in one of 2 possible modes:

(1) as a card reader, whereby it appears to a computer as a device drive, for the purposes of moving files off and onto the R16's SD card...but using the computer as the "mechanism"to do that. I doubt very much whether the Midas could stand in for the computer. Anyway, that's more fore files transfers...at high speed, rather than at audio streaming (ie recording) speed

(2) as an audio interface, whereby it acts as an AD converter/interface for incoming analog audio signals and streams them into your DAW of choice for recording (rather than recording directly to the SD card inside the R16) In this mode, it can also activate transport and other functions as a control surface.

Neither of these 2 modes conforms to your intended use ie streaming of USB digital audio into the R16. Your best bet, if available, would be to configure the Midas to output analog audio via Direct Out or other sockets, and stream these into your R16 that way. Your maximum simultaneous input tracks in that mode will be 8
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Re: R16 interface with Midas M32R

Post by Jim_Fogle » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:33 pm

The other concern is both depend on Core Audio (Apple) or Audio Drivers (Windows) to understand the digital audio stream. Neither likely have any kind of machine to machine digital audio communication protocol because there isn't any standard to follow.
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