G2.1Nu - introduction

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G2.1Nu - introduction

Post by Sapphyr » Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:25 am

Hi all,

As an intro, I thought I'd copy the intro that I wrote wrote for Amazon...


I've been involved with electronic music and synthesis etc., since I first played the school's organ aged 13. That was when Wendy was still Walter and the concept of *carrying* a keyboard was unheard of!

I build, and wired, my own 2-manual organ with six, wildly-drifting, oscillators and a whole bunch of passive filters and managed to get something resembling a workable sound in the late-60s and, lo and behold, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) were invented!

After visiting a few UK manufacturers and getting totally hooked on Floyd, Hawkwind, ELP and co., - God, I sound an old fart!, I scrapped the organ idea and turned my attention to synths.

At the same time, I was sponsored by EMI and was doing my final-year project in 'The Harmonics of the Human Singing Voice' at Loughborough University which taught me a LOT more about acoustics and musical theory. The University also had its Allen organ installed - see http://www.allenorgans.co.uk/, which blew me apart!

Despite playing keyboards, I prefer performing with a guitar as you get to wave your arms around a lot more and can strike some great poses :)

This moved me into building a few effects pedals: waa-waa, fuzz, over-drives, flangers, delays, etc. but Boss employed a lot more people than I could cope with so I bough a few of their pedals and combined/enhanced these with my creaking circuitry... the electronics, that is!

As those days of being my own roadie and having a house that looks like Abbey Road are long behind me, and my family, I persuaded my fiancé that the Zoom G2.1Nu Guitar Multi-Effects Processor was just what *we* needed :)

It arrived at 10:00 this morning and now, 15:25, I've finished evaluating, i.e. playing with, it.

It's a great combination of most of the leading guitar-effects pedals from the past three decades - yes, I had to try all 99 patches, and, the most impressive for me, the incredibly effective noise-gate (hum/click/rubbish) suppression)... I can imagine blowing a few speakers and eardrums if you forgot that and hit your first power-chord!

All in all, Zoom have effectively wrapped up over three decades of guitar effects into a single, portable box at a very affordable price.

I'm waiting for the new USB cable and gold-plated jack-plug to arrive and I'll add my review of how it works with Cubase LE 4 next week.



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