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Q3 filename counter

Post by Pooeysk » Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:29 pm

My first post!

I've noticed that with my Q3, everytime I delete the clips from the unit, the filename counter is reset. That is, everytime I make a recording with an empty sd card, the first clip is ZOOM0001.mov. Most cameras, on the other hand, never reset this counter (except when you rollover at 10,000 photos).

This counter reset sucks for me, as I intend on making recordings of my students over time, and putting them in their own separate folders. I can imagine I'll be seeing "The file blah, blah, blah already exists. Overwrite or cancel?" alot.

Is there a way to make the Q3 more camera-like in this regard?

Thanks for your time!

Moose Jaw, Canada
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