Zoom G3X, setting expression pedal function?

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Zoom G3X, setting expression pedal function?

Post by rainwizard24 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:17 pm


On page 18 of the Zoom G3X manual, it explains (not very clearly) how 'To set an expression pedal function'.

It says press 'Page' on the 'middle' effect, and turn knob '1' of the 'right' effect.

It then says 'Parameters that can be assigned to the expression pedal are shown on the right display'.

However, this doesn't seem to work for me. All that happens is, when I turn knob '1' on the 'right' effect, it adjusts the parameters of the 'right' effect.

Am I missing something? Is my pedal faulty? It's a bit confusing.

I've tried to assign the pedal to the 'wah' and 'tremolo', which can both obviously be used in conjunction with the expression pedal. But it just doesn't work.

Some help please?

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Re: Zoom G3X, setting expression pedal function?

Post by 6string » Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:20 am


maybe it's just because you forgot to press the Total button before you go to page 18 operations. This is described on page 16 or you've the same problem that I had or even both. The manual is really not very cleary in some points.

If you still have problems with the pedal, check page 37 in the manual. It's about the sensitivity calibration of the expression pedal.

While pressing Global, set the Power switch to On and follow the dialog, confirm with Store/Swap.

I had to do the calibration-steps TWO times. Why? I don't know. I got no Error! messages.

Before and after the first calibration I got values of min: 8 and max: 13. A very small range and no effect to hear. But after the second calibration i got values of min: ~230 and max: ~650 (like shown in the manual). Now it works as it should.

Maybe this is useful for you.

6string 8)
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Re: Zoom G3X, setting expression pedal function?

Post by GV » Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:37 am

For anyone else experiencing this problem, I thought that I would post the solution.

And thanks to 6string, and someone on another site, for helping me to solve this.

The answer is sort of in the manual, but it is not at all clear, and misses out one step.

To (re-) associate the expression pedal with a function, one does the following:

1. Scroll to the effect that one wants to have the expression pedal control (e.g., wah)
2. Click the footswitch to turn the pedal 'On' (light glows red)
3. Press the 'Total' button, in the row of buttons running horizontally across the top of the G3X
4. Go to 'Page' option of Middle Effect - specific instructions are in the manual on pages 17 - 19
5. OPERATE the expression pedal while doing the above
6. Return to Patch

I cannot remember exactly what I did in step 4, in terms of changing the settings, but there are very few options/permutations, and - if you strum the guitar, and keep on operating the expression pedal with your foot while adjusting these parameters, you will hear the effect kick in at some point.

The key to this procedure is to:
1. Have the effect that you want to associate the pedal with set to 'On'
2. Go to 'Total'
3. Operate the expression pedal while changing settings

This was really frustrating me, so I am glad to have this resolved.

I hope that this is helpful to others.
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