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Re: Zoom G5n Discussion.

Post by Guitarist1969 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:41 pm

Karmanaut wrote:I bought a Zoom G5 last January, it worked fine until about June. After writing/downloading patches, one of the displays would not show the effect graphics properly, it would not show entirely or be greyed out, totally unreadable. Only some effects though, in the first display screen. I thought maybe it was a "bug" from downloading patches but I reset the unit to factory and it was the same. Everything else in the unit worked fine. Just the incomplete graphics.
Zoom changed their Canadian Distributor at that time so when I contacted the new distributor, they replied to send it in, it would be covered under warranty. ok.
So after a month they sent an email stating they would send me a replacement G5N. I said great, but I sent them a G5. They said the G5 is no longer available. I went on Amazon just to check the price and it was no longer on there, or on the website from the company I bought it from. Poof!
I have read in an earlier post that some (all?) of the development team for the G5 left Zoom, so the company is concentrating on the G5N.
So now I have a brand new G5N, but I kinda wish I could have the G5 back, and use it as is, I like most of the features better. I was gonna mod it anyway.
Regardless, I'm gonna use the G5N, I do like some of the features but not being editable on my computer is a bummer.
I just thought I would relate my experience with Zoom and their product, thanks for all the info in this thread, I do appreciate it.
But you have to admit the amps and cabs sound way better on the G5n. I had the G5 since initial release and now the G5n, and although I don't like some of the changes, the sound is noticeably better on the G5n.
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Re: Zoom G5n Discussion.

Post by Karmanaut » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:30 am

Yes, I think having less choice but better sounding amps and cabs is great. I have been using a Roland GP100 for years but it's getting old and glitchy, so I decided to replace it with the G5. I have also recently purchased a PodXT live (for $100=no-brainer) which I'm setting up to use for 1 of the bands I'm in. I love the Roland but can't depend on it anymore, the PodXT is nice but the G5n sounds awesome, the more I use it the more I like it. To describe it in a word, I would say it's "creamy"
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Re: Zoom G5n Discussion.

Post by mojo_plasma » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:50 am

Will post it here also!!!
The new TS+Boost it awesome!!!
Thank you zoom!!!
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