G1Xon volume issue

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Dr ron
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new to this board
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G1Xon volume issue

Post by Dr ron » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:27 pm

Hello to all,

I am the proud owner of a Zoom G1Xon...pretty impressive indeed.

I am having two problems:

1) I have an Orange Dark Terror (has fx loop)
If I run the G1Xon into the amp input it gets really thin sounding with really no bass or low-mids. Is there a trick to getting a thick rich full tone?

2) I tried running the G1Xon through the FX Loop...Whoa! Some of the patches are very nice in the fx loop...but...more than a dozen...I have the amp on about 1/4 volume and 1 Gain...and some of them go into screaming feedback...not the good kind. And some of the patches at the same settings are so loud I'm pretty sure I could play an arena with it!

What suggestions might you offer to try?

Thank you so much,
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member in good standing
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Re: G1Xon volume issue

Post by RiffRaff » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:28 am

1:Try going to the end of an amp's settings in a patch and change the output setting from line to any of the others to see what you can get.Also change the cabs for that amp as well to see what you can get.
You could also add the Graphic EQ into the Patch after the amp and play with that?

2:You can set the individual outputs of any of the amps models so just tweak until they balance.

Tip1:Choose a Bank,let's say the J bank,and Prefix all the names of the Patches with Capitol OT(For Orange Terror) and a name.Then you know that's your Orange Terror work bank.Get rid of any patches you aren't going to use and just copy some of your Faves using the Menu Button,"Save" feature and copy ones that you do like over the useless to you ones.

For example I mainly use the 1st Vox amp,The Matchless and MS drive amps so I concentrate on getting my Fave tones out of those.I mainly use the,"Squeak" overdrive with my Strats and Les Paul but also like the,"HotBox".
Basically there's too many things in the G1,like a lot of ,modelling gear, so I've cut down to using what I like so I don't get bogged down in too many options.

Tip2:Patch Practice

Choose a patch sound you know you won't use.Delete everything in it.
Add a fave Pamp(My new word for a Model Amp e.g Patch-Amp)
Add a spring reverb after it.
Get a basic guitar sound you like.
Set the Pamp's output option to line or one of the others to suit what it's going into.Then adjust the Pamp's volume to match what you need.
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member in good standing
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Re: G1Xon volume issue

Post by Ratiug » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:33 am

He is right about dedicating a whole bank to your micro terror!
What I do is remove all effects from a patch say J0 add a reverb and a graphic eq to it.
Put the tuner on bypass mode so you can hear the guitar,Then switch between J0 and the tuner so they sound the same.that would be your clean sound . the Graphic eq stock settings are way too bright for guitar.
160hz : 4
400hz : 2
800hz : -2
3.2khz : 0
6.4khz : -10
12khz : -12
Adjust to taste while switching back to bypass tuner when it sounds like a good clean sound with a touch of verb copy the patch from J0 through J9 so they all have the same clean sound. Since your going through the front of the amp you dont need amp and cab sims so just add regular effects pedals to the each J patch and watch the highs on each pedal you add
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