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Zoom 707II Guitar for Steel Guitar

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:12 pm
by ssimlai
Hello everyone,

I'm a newcomer to this forum, so please excuse me if I went wrong somewhere.

I am 53 and have been playing the steel electric and acoustic for ages (since I was 5 I think). However, the fancy of guitar effects never really caught on to me till I was matured enough to realise their usefulness and at times their necessity.

A few years back I bought the Zoom 505 only to be replaced with a 707II Guitar after a "deadly" buyback scheme offered by the dealer. This must have been at least ten years ago if not more.

I have been very successfully playing my steel double neck with the Zoom 707II Guitar and a Marshall bedroom practice amp 15 W power.

Recently I tried to resume playing but the complexity of the 707II told me I'm now too old for a learning curve.

This is why I joined the forum, to find some help in re-understanding my machine, how to set it up for steel etc. I'm basically looking for a tutorial. Is there something available?

Re: Zoom 707II Guitar for Steel Guitar

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:39 pm
by greenA2
Wow, a real steel guitar player. Please consider putting some recordings out for us! Sorry I can't help you, I'm not familiar with your pedal.

Re: Zoom 707II Guitar for Steel Guitar

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:06 pm
by Jim_Fogle
Greetings ssimlai and welcome to this forum,

I'm not a steel player and don't have any guitar pedals so I don't think I can answer your question.

My brother, Harold Fogle, played pedal steel for most of his life. I have his six string lap steel that's older than I am (I'm 66). He had everything from a Fender 400 to a custom built Emmons double neck. He moved to Nashville, was a member of the Grand Ol' Opry and toured with Loretta Lynn, Jimmy C Newman and Stonewall Jackson before bad health caught up with him.

You might be able to get some answers from members of the Steel Guitar forum; you can find it here:

I do hope you'll stick around here and post some of your music.

Re: Zoom 707II Guitar for Steel Guitar

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:05 pm
by ssimlai
Hello all and thanks for this grand welcome.

I will surely stick around here as the instrument has been a part of me for most years of my musical life. I'm trying to catch up at this moment and will surely try to upload some music that I did years ago, though mostly single stringed Indian melodies. I'm also at the moment seriously into piano and hope to bring myself to play Western classical on steel.unfortunately there aren't any teachers here anymore, they've all died or have given up, not bring able to cope with the advent of electronic music and a general disregard. The last known guitarist from India was Sunil Ganguly who died in 1999. My own teacher died too a few years ago. Today the instrument has taken another form called Indiam classical guitar but that is more of propaganda. This instrument belongs to a different class of music. I hope before I'm too old, I'll manage to achieve some level of playing western. i ordered a Jerry Bird course and a Weissenborn guitar recently and have embarked upon the difficult path of climbing this Mt. Everest!

Regards to all.
Sumit Simlai