DBX Go Rack and other gear upgrades

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DBX Go Rack and other gear upgrades

Post by Omegaman » Mon May 01, 2017 5:19 pm

Couldn't pass up the deal, 29.99, originally listed for $99. Was looking for a small pre amp (the band I play with sometimes says my SM58 isnt giving them enough level?) Anyway, Compressor, EQ presets, etc two XLR channels and a mini plug input. So it will work post mixer and can serve as a backup mixer for solo gigs. Only thing I wish it had was reverb, but next gear purchase will be an upgraded mixer with digital effects (still using my Behringer MX820 at least I think that is the model, I suck at model numbers LOL)

Anyone used one in a live situation? or in studio? It did amplify my level significantly, but so far I am not playing with that band until a private party in September.

I also picked up a Shure 55s the Elvis mic, just love the look. a bit tough with plosives, Shure suggests putting it at the corner of your mouth.

Latest was an SD Systems Maui 5 PA.... so much lighter and compact. I've used Bose L-1 compact (belonged to the band) this is more powerful and less expensive.
NOw to put away the wallet (ouch) and practice!!! :^:

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