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Zoom G5n hook-up question

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:05 am
by Nikodroid
Hey everyone!

I have in plan to buy a Hotone Nano Legacy Heart Attack (solid-state) amp, which is a 5 Watt amp that also includes an FX loop. The thing about this amp that I like is that it's super portable and small, but more importantly it's an amp that is based on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier - and for such a small amp it really does great job (I've watched quite a few videos on YouTube, and it really sounded "good.").

Now, I want to use this amp along with G5n, in the way that I don't plan on using any amp simulation from the G5n, as I want to leave it up to Heart Attack to do its job. What would be the best-case scenario to use these two in the same chain? I suppose that the right thing would be to use the modulation effects of the G5n in the FX loop, in the way that you wrote in one of NucleusX' posts (viewtopic.php?p=197847#p197847):

G5n's L output -> Heart Attack's FX Loop Return, and my guitar would be plugged into the G5n

But in the same posts, he wrote that "This config is the most ideal if your wanting to use the amp-sims on the G5, or if you want the G5 to "shine" without "colouration" from the amp's pre-amp."

So, what should I do in order to use effects like Reverb, Delay, etc. on the G5n in the FX loop of the amp? And also, if I wanted to use analog Overdrive and Distortion pedals, these should go in front of the amp, is there a way to plug this all together and make it work?


Re: Zoom G5n hook-up question

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:20 am
by ste_p0270

Just using the modulation would be:-

Guitar > Amp Input > Amp FX Send > G5 Input > G5 L (mono) Output > Amp FX Return

As you said, OD / Distortion in front of the Amp, so Guitar > OD / Dist > Amp Input

I think that's what you're asking?


Re: Zoom G5n hook-up question

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:18 pm
by Nikodroid
Hey Ste!

Thanks for your answer.

I am going to try this out. So the full signal chain (with an Overdrive pedal) would then be:

Guitar -> OD pedal -> Amp Input -> Amp FX Send -> G5 Input -> G5 L Output -> Amp FX Return ?

My plan is to use a loadbox instead of a cab; the idea is to get one of those new Two Notes Torpedo Captor units, and so the amp simulation and cabs would be turned off / skipped on the G5n.

In the meantime while waiting for the Torpedo Captor to be delivered, as the mentioned amp (Hotone Heart Attack) has a line output, if I was to connect headphones would I risk damaging anything in the signal chain?


Re: Zoom G5n hook-up question

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:24 pm
by ste_p0270

That signal routing looks fine to me.

Not sure about the captor units you're on about.. never heard of them tbh; sorry.