G3/Edit & Share - Mac10.12.6

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G3/Edit & Share - Mac10.12.6

Post by theonemanband » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:06 pm

Hi, well happy Zoom G3 user here but...............

I haven't used Edit & Share for a while but recently have tried to edit/store my patches that I have "tweaked" manually at gigs etc.

Since last used, my Mac software has been updated to OS Sierra (10.12.6) but now the Edit & Share patch editing facility isn't working.
When connected via the USB cable, the Edit & Share app launches, but fails to show any data, either default Zoom effects or my custom patches loaded on the G3; also, I cannot load (using "import" or drag & drop) any of my custom patches stored on the Mac.
I have deleted and uninstalled all the old Edit & Share software and re-installed the last available software which is shown as compatible with Mac OS 10.12.

I think I have covered all the issue.....can anyone help please?
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