Q2N Files Go Missing, Need Recovery from Micro SD

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Q2N Files Go Missing, Need Recovery from Micro SD

Post by rbadra » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:02 pm

First I'm using a fast end micro SD card that is U3. I recorded some videos, they played back fine on camera. Then when I took the card to my computer the files don't show up, but it is clear the memory on the card has been eaten up, so the files are there in one way or another.

I used EasUS data recovery and was able to recover some files. But the files didn't play. I then used Stellar Phoenix video repair and the files could be watched but no sound. Err!

Does anyone have experience successfully recovering MOV files from ZOOM Q2N?
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Re: Q2N Files Go Missing, Need Recovery from Micro SD

Post by Wulfraed » Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:39 am

First question:

With the card IN the device, can you select and play-back these files on the device itself. If not, the odds are that the files are corrupt, and you may need to format the card using the device itself (most Zoom products initialize some top-level files as part of formatting).

Second question -- presuming you pass the first:

Have you connected the device in card reader mode and tried to copy files from it (you don't mention the computer/OS but if you have Windows, make sure it is configured to display file extensions)

Additionally -- what settings were you using (resolution/frame rate)

Lastly -- does the computer have the proper CODECs for MPEG-4 AVChd/H.264 MOV files?

(Just as an aside, are you on the current firmware version -- 1.11 https://www.zoom-na.com/news/q-series-firmware-update -- won't help for stuff recorded; something for Win10 webcam usage)
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