To all Zoom owners ALSO on Linux: how useful would a Linux (sub)forum be to you?

Questions and answers related to any Zoom Gear that doesn't have its own sub-forum yet. This includes any new gear that's been announced, and any old gear you've got. Please don't "post and run". Participate in the discussion. Thanks.
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jack o-trades
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To all Zoom owners ALSO on Linux: how useful would a Linux (sub)forum be to you?

Post by jack o-trades » Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:52 am

Hello all,

Towards the end of summer 2017, I did a board-wide assessment of Linux users on Zoom Gear & Home Recording. Here is the original thread.


It includes a reply from Zoetrope, the head administrator:
If five other people post here and say this would be useful to them I'll add it.
However, the thread aforementioned garnered just one single (if enthusiastic) reaction from a Zoom owner/Linux user in favour of my proposition. And upon this result, I presumed my plea lost.

At this current visit, though (January 2018, in the meanwhile), on a wholly unrelated matter, it turns out that both my own and, maybe, Zoetrope's initial conclusion may have been mistaken. Upon checking my posts, I came across this:


Seven Linux users writing in, encouragingly! And based on this, I'd like to repeat my little "poll" of 2017 - albeit with the leading question phrased a bit differently:

How useful would a Linux (sub)forum be to you? And, as importantly, why?

If this appeals to you and you'd like to respond, please don't forget to mention:

- the Zoom model you own;
- your Linux distribution;
- your reason(s) why a Linux (sub)forum would be a good idea.


Sign posts to this thread are up board-wide. One request, though, for reasons of organisation and economy: if you'd like to contribute to this discussion, please follow-up on this post ONLY. "Pooling" all reactions together in one single location (= here) will help greatly to determine if a Linux (sub)forum has indeed basis in fact.

I'm looking forward to your response.

jack o-trades
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been here a while
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Re: To all Zoom owners ALSO on Linux: how useful would a Linux (sub)forum be to you?

Post by sciurius » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:59 am

I would greatly appreciate a linux subforum.

I have an R24 that I use for recording. Most postprocessing is done with Audacity on linux (Fedora 25/26/27).

Linux-specific topics would include workflow and tools, but also using the R24 as a multi-channel input device, which is currently not possible under linux.
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Zoom H2n, Zoom R24, Audacity on Linux (Fedora)

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