Zoom UAC-2 Hardware issues

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Zoom UAC-2 Hardware issues

Post by furfix » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:24 pm

Hi all,
A few months ago I've purchased a new UAC-2 and I'm kind of disappointed and I'm wondering if anybody had the same issue I'm having with this interface...

basically this interface comes with a software called MixEfx. There u can see input lvls, etc etc.

When you turn down or up the input gain on the interface, the software shows u the digital lvl (it goes from 0 to 60 max)... Since a few days, if I turn completely down the gain on the interface, the software keeps showing ... lvl 10 (the pre amp keeps on)... I think it's a hardware issue, but as I said , I hoped that the interface keeps working fine more than just a few months.... now, the only way I have to turn completely down the gain in both input lines, is via software...and I can't turn it down directly from the interface...

Did anybody had this issue?

btw, Ive sent an email to Zoom and they are willing to change my interface but I need to pay the shipping and the taxes, and that is basically the same than to go and buy a new one..... I'm totally disappointed by this... you should take this into account in case u are thinking to buy a product of this brand...
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