b and g 1xon mods

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b and g 1xon mods

Post by johnp352 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:10 pm

I am aware of the good doctor's work from Oz, and am always trying to return enough cans to afford his brilliant controller/software package. i use these pedals mostly for a noise project, and for that they are just\right. too noisy? more noise!

when these came out there were some mods about making them more useful. Dr dotdash's hardware solution is the ultimate, but being the impecunious person i am, i was looking for more mechanical ways of doing a few things:

1) is there any way of somehow routing the treadle to an external jack on the pedal? I use these on a tabletop, and besides having an expression pedal on the floor to go wawawa etc, I like them that way, as i can modify the parameters by hand..play the parameters so to speak. So..is there a mechanical solution here, somehow run a tap off the feed to the pot for the treadle so i can still have the effect\on my table, but have the exp pedal on the floor?

2) Same question goes for that stupid little button to shut off a selected effect..i want a simple external switch..and yes I have a piece of \stuff\glued to where it is supposed to be, but still.

and while I am dreaming..is there anyway to extend or\replace the indented buttons that control the looper/menu etc? something a little taller\maybe so when i turn the looper ON, ok you know.

These are obviously poor man's hacks, but maybe somebody here has tried to do one or more successfully. I'd also like to replace the 2 foot switches with arcade style buttons that would make it easier to use on a desktop.

OT, but i wonder if Zoom has thrown these to the wolves, indeed maybe all their effects pedals, to concentrate on their recorders/cameras/espresso machines. I really like their egalitarian approach of putting so much for so little into the g/b series. Have they discontinued these yet? If one of the big chains decides to close them out, i am buying a bunch.
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