Problem loading patches w/Zoom lab

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Problem loading patches w/Zoom lab

Post by Anyeurysm » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:06 pm

Hey everyone, new g3xn user here and I am having problems with the zoom lab software.

I have watched multiple YouTube videos and I have followed the instructions to the letter but something is wrong.

After downloading a list of patches and extracting the file, you are supposed to simply be able to "drag n drop" the patches into the patch pool list. This is where the problem occurs. I attempt to drag n drop the patches and when I get them over to the patch pool list, there is a little circle with a line through it icon that pops up and doesn't allow me to drop the patches into the patch pool!

Has anyone experienced this before and does anyone know of a fix or workaround?

Failing that, can anyone provide me with some info on where to find a list of settings so I can manually input them?

I'm looking for some Sabbath/Iommi settings...

Also Metallica and ACDC


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