Zoom Q2n - Video and Audio problems

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Zoom Q2n - Video and Audio problems

Post by arst06d » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:25 pm


Just bought a Q2n on the back of reviews etc - nned it to record performances at my open mic music club.

Had the first outing the other day. Set video to 720-25 to test the file capacity of my 64GB class 10 Sandisk card, and audio set to 96k 24bit. Playback on the unit was fine, but when files were copies to pc running XUbuntu 17.10 video played fine but silent! However, in my video editing package Kdenlive I could hear the video so no probs. Subsequently read that I shouldn't use higher than 44.1k/16 bit. Not sure why - I want the best quality possible.

Anyway, this last time I was recording a full concert by a friend's band. Set the video to 1080-25 Video and the audio to 48k 24bit (before I read about restrictin to 44.1k). Playback on pc is impossible - choppy, stuttering, out of sync. tried various players inc VLC, Parole, SMPlayer, all the same, as in the video editing software.

Oddly enough, just playing the audio through Audacious is perfect.

What's going on and how do I fix it? I need to edit these video files - any way to convert to a format I can work with?

Also for future use - I want the best video and audio quality possible. What are the optimim settings? Why does the machine record something that cannot be manipulated afterward?

Thanks in advance.
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