Using a separate mic on the Q2n

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Using a separate mic on the Q2n

Post by malc67 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:15 pm

Hey Guys. I was wondering about the above. Was recording a band rehearsal yesterday and the Q2n was set up quite high on a mic stand. With this in mind the inbuilt mics didn't pick up any bottom end (bass). My bass drum was very quiet and we also use Taurus pedals which are very low end in frequency.
The Q2n has a separate 3.5 mm stereo input so you can run a mic, etc. If I did this can someone tell me if the XY mics are disabled when there is another microphone connected to the 3.5 mm input, or does it work in conjunction?

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Re: Using a separate mic on the Q2n

Post by stubbsonic » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:39 pm

Just plug some headphones into the mic in jack and see if the built-in mics are defeated or not. You can just scratch them and look at the meters.

The low end from the kick & taurus pedals are probably getting to the mic, even when it is higher up. It's just that those mics don't pick-up low end very well. (I noticed that when I listened to some demo tracks over on the Zoom site.).

I think using a separate mic could help. But you could also just bump up some low EQ when you do your video editing. I wonder if that low-frequency signal is on the track, and can be boosted, or if it is just gone.
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