editing RT223 kick drum with COMP/EQ + external EQ/ tuning

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editing RT223 kick drum with COMP/EQ + external EQ/ tuning

Post by gms » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:45 am

Appreciate any feedback from people using the RT223 or any other similar drum machine both in terms of where individial kit components are tuned as well as using the COMP/EQ effects -

I've been getting the results I'm looking for by

- finding where to set the individual kit component tuning


-using the COMP/EQ patches( which have been edited )along with a 1/3 octave graphic EQ to set up the drum track on a Tascam digital recorder....i.e.separating the kick/snare/hat etc. parts of a pattern and processing each individually then recording it to an individual track....

I'm satisfied w/things except when it cones to the kick drum which is why I've posted this thread...

Unlike other kit components which are tuned usually within the area around the 0.0,mark up or down 1-2,I.e a lot of the snares are @ +1.4,for ex ...w/the tuning only used to set the sound where it sounds best not to find an area where it sounds like the instrument should which is what I'm dealing with w/the kicks....

It seems like in order to get the kick to have a l
low bass fundamental as the predominant tone instead of a higher "click" type overtone,depending on the kit setting used I have to try it in different tuning areas to find where the sound is actually like a kick drum..

I've been finding +1.6 works for a lot of the settings but some of them don't seem to lose the higher overtone effect until I tune them up to about +.3...

I've been checking the frequency ranges that are strongest using the 1/3 octave EQ and working on getting the usual areas to be there i.e.50-200,Hz then messing around w/the COMP/EQ along w/the EQ to get things to sound like they should....

Any feedback re-

Which kick settings(I.e.#'s0-26)work best...?

What tunings are used..?

Which of the COMP/EQ patches are used and how do you set the parameters?

Thanks in advance for any replies....
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Re: editing RT223 kick drum with COMP/EQ + external EQ/ tuning

Post by Wulfraed » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:46 am

Think you missed the target... You posted in the forum group for multi-track recorder/audio interface devices.

Drum machines are probably more likely to get a response in the "other Zoom gear" group.

And now that the thread has been moved, this comment no longer applies <G>
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