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Student Gets Belated Birthday Gift (B1X Four)!

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 8:37 pm
by stubbsonic
A while ago, the mother of one of my bass students asked for a birthday gift idea and I recommended the B1X Four. Unfortunately, a major online music retailer didn't have them to ship until a few days ago. So the kid got an IOU and waited for several months.

We had our lesson today and his B1X Four had just arrived. We had a fun lesson as he played through the presets, messed with the looper and drum machine, and he got a taste of the new universe of sounds that just opened up to him.

I got vicarious enjoyment imagining what it is like for him to access those sounds with his bass. I don't think those sounds were new to him (he's heard them on hit songs, etc). But now those sounds are his.

He didn't have a 2nd cable, so I left an extra patch cord with him. Couldn't imagine having that box and not being able to play with it. He's gonna be on fire.

Not a bad first FX box for a kid. Times have changed. My first effect pedal was a noisy chorus, I think.

BTW, the B1X Four is a nice little box. The design and workflow are very clever, indeed. We had it mostly figured out in our short time together.

Re: Student Gets Belated Birthday Gift (B1X Four)!

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 9:47 am
by stubbsonic
When I said, "Not a bad first FX box for a kid." I was really meaning that as a sarcastic understatement.

It's a great sounding pedal and I want one!

It's interesting how different companies approach what they include as "staple bass amps/cabs/fx" and what they include as other essentials, and what they add for fun. I didn't see anything particularly lacking in what they included. There are representatives in all the main categories.

The drum machine is a nice addition. Since there doesn't seem to be a way to edit patterns (even in the desktop software), it would have been nice if they included more rhythm presets.

The way they implemented the rhythm & looper was clever as you could never accidentally trigger either.

Re: Student Gets Belated Birthday Gift (B1X Four)!

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 9:52 am
by stubbsonic
In yesterday's lesson we did a little bit deeper dive into some of the modules.

I was happy to see that the fx modules had multiple pages. The 4th knob would say "1/3 page". I had forgotten that this was re-introduced in this line-- but when I went over to update my mention in another post, I realized it was already mentioned there.

Still many of the FX that had multiple pages on the MS-100BT, had only single pages on the B1X Four, thus some important parameters were left out (i.e., fixed value). But on some modules, the synth, for example, there were multiple pages to cover the essentials.

I'm still very impressed with the overall workflow, and the way the drum machine and looper are implemented are pretty straightforward.