G2.1u and windows 10

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G2.1u and windows 10

Post by mark_yam » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:12 am

Has anyone got a G2.1u connected to windows 10 and recognising it in Edit and Share.

I've tried windows 10, and gone back to 7 and xp builds which have all seen the Zoom as a soundcard and I can play sound through it and play along with by guitar. I can switch between my local sound card to speakers and to the zoom in windows 10 aswell and it works fine.
I've tried many drivers and different USB leads, switching the unit to use the power and also the USB power but no success.

It just doesn't appear in the edit and share software - am I missing some, is it broke, should it just appear ?

I bought it 2nd hand, with no drivers, Cubase LE or anything so I've just downloaded software and drivers off the internet.

thanks in advance

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