SM card works in PS-04, but not read by card readers?

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SM card works in PS-04, but not read by card readers?

Post by JamesMGregg » Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:15 pm

Hey all, I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem:

I got a new 128mb SM card about 1.5 years ago, when I realized the one I had been using was lost in the move to my new place.
The card works fine in the PS-04.
However, I have tried it in multiple USB card readers, and they won't recognize the card - the device doesn't read the card (no flashing light indicating the device detects the card), nor does Windows see the card - clicking the drive = "Please insert a card into drive G:/"

I know it's the card and not a) Windows or b) the card readers because
1) I've tried 3 different readers, and
2) The 32mb SM card that shipped with the PS-04 works fine - detected by the device and opened by Windows.

I can understand how an incompatible or corrupt card wouldn't work in either the PS-04 or a card reader, or would be read by Windows but wouldn't work in the PS-04, but it seems very odd that it works in the PS-04 but isn't detected by a card reader.

Anyone experience this? Any ideas what I can do about it? (I've got some good projects on that card)

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Re: SM card works in PS-04, but not read by card readers?

Post by Wulfraed » Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:12 pm

I presume "sm" is "smartmedia"...

Did you try the readers with other 128MB cards?

From Wikipedia
Some older devices cannot support cards larger than 16 or sometimes 32 MB without a firmware update, if at all.
SmartMedia cards came in two formats, 5 V and the more modern 3.3 V (sometimes marked 3 V), named for their main supply voltages. The packaging was nearly identical, except for the reversed placement of the notched corner. Many older SmartMedia devices only support 5V SmartMedia cards, whereas many newer devices only support 3.3V cards. In order to protect 3.3V cards from being damaged in 5V-only devices, the card reader should have some mechanical provision (such as detecting the type of notch) to disallow insertion of an unsupported type of card. Some low-cost, 5V-only card readers do not operate this way, and inserting a 3.3V card into such a 5V-only reader will result in permanent damage to the card. Dual-voltage card readers are highly recommended.
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Re: SM card works in PS-04, but not read by card readers?

Post by storpotaten » Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:05 am

James, I have no idea, but have you tried to read it from a different PC? Not sure why it would help, but it could be worth a try. Good luck.
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