PS-02 PI-PO Function

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PS-02 PI-PO Function

Post by surfercook » Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:34 am

I've had my PS-02 for several years and never used the Punch In/Punch Out until recently. I read the manual very carefully and it was easy to figure out the method for
P-I/PO. When I go to practice and record the portion of the song I want to re-record there is no audio playback except for the track I'm working on so I have no backing or accompanyment for the song. Does the PS-02 only playback(in PI/PO) the Drums/Bass(Midi) that are programmed? I did not use a programmed rhythm track on my project. I used my keyboards to record the bass and drums so it's an audio file(.wav) bounced to tack 1.
Is there any kind of a work around to solve this issue?
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