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upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:03 pm
by Alex
simply, is it worth it?

i love the all in one-ness of the ps-02 (drum machine, mic, four track and guitar tones) and assume the ps-04 does the same and more right?

or is their a newer even better zoom product i should look at?


Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:22 pm
by Alex
or maybe the mrs8? is it a big step foward in build in mic, guitar and drum sonds over the ps-04?


Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:13 pm
by storpotaten
Hi Alex,

Long time no see...

The PS-04 is long gone from the Zoom production lines. You might find them on e-Bay or similar, but I'd be careful considering that they are both portable = droppable and several years old. Plus, finding a memory card for the PS-04 is a challenge beyond mortals.

The MRS-8 is - amazingly enough - still available, but I wouldn't invest in a product so close to the end of its life cycle - that's my opinion anyway. E.g. it is limited to 1GB of recording, which actually isn't that much.

A newer Zoom product that offers proper multitrack recording is the R8: (Don't consider the H4n; the multitracking is junk.)

Looking at other brands, BOSS has a whole line of portable recorders:
Korg has a product called SOS:
There are probably other brands.

Of course, you could also look at various audio interface solutions for PC/Mac.

Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:29 am
by Alex
thanks for your reply :)

I have tried usb interface but just cant get on with them...mainly due to latency issues.I much prefer just plugging straight into the line in of my computer and recording to a DAW via that.

I am not to worried about the amount of tracks i can record on the actual device as like i just said i will be recording straight into my computer via line ine.

I just need something that does the same thing as a ps02 (good build in mic, guitar tones, good drum machine) but out performs it. Hopefully this shouldn't be to hard seeing as my trusty ps02 is nearly 10 years old lol.

any more input would be great...I think im between the mrs 8 or the R8 right now. Just not sure which has the better drum machine/ mic.

The mrs8 can be had quite cheaply on ebay, will it be alot better than the ps-02 in the areas i pointed out before?


Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:48 pm
by Alex
ok i bought a mrs 8 on ebay...

will the ps02 power adapter work with it?


Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:05 am
by surfercook
I used my PS-02 power adapter w/the MRS-8 w/out any probs...but you've probably already done that. MRS-8 = Recording Bliss :music:

Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:33 am
by Guitarist1969
I still think the PS02 can't be touched for size and features. I bought a used one a year or so ago just as a headphone practice amp. The effects are awesome and easir to run a naux in for jamming. I can't believe there is nothing else in the market that touches it for this. I have an ipod touch and almost went the irig route but it is so limiting.

But then again, I have never recorded with the PS02 - I have a Boss BR600 for that.


Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:56 pm
by surfercook
Guitarist1969 wrote: I bought a used one a year or so ago just as a headphone practice amp great for that. But I kinda like to be able to hit REC after I practice for a while. Seems to be the peak of my creativity at that point. The 02 was just too dated. But it is an awesome practice unit.

Re: upgrade from ps-02 to ps-04?

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:09 pm
by Lee
I strongly recommend the MRS8 but buy used. I sold the original one I owned years ago but recently bought another for about $50 (US).
That's rare, but you can definitely find them for about $100 give or take. I've yet to find a means of recording that makes the most efficient use of my time and effort! I just wish Zoom would make a 24-bit version with upgraded effects and features keeping the F.A.S.T. drums, etc. Oh yeah, I think I have said that enough over the last few years. Lol

I've owned almost every other major Zoom recorder (from the PS02 to the R24) and have parted with most of them. The MRS8 is extremely simple to use and isn't so small as to make navigating the menus a pain. I'd recommend the R8 (the newer 8 track) but I absolutely hate the drum machine and lack of MIDI out so much that I refuse to. :D I'm really really hoping that Zoom will show us something interesting at NAMM, or maybe better yet, Line 6. We'll see...